Monday, June 8, 2009

Pro/ENGINEER 2D and 3D Drawings

Raphael Nascimento presented the Pro/ENGINEER 2D and 3D Drawings topic. Like Vince, Raphael covered both Wildfire 4.0 & Wildfire 5.0 topics. Like many of you we are currently on Wildfire 3.0 until we complete our upgrade from Pro/INTRALINK 3.4 to PDMLink 9.0, so it was nice to see both.
Wildfire 4.0 2D drawings:
  • BOM ballons for non geometry items like bulk items.
  • View name placement location choices.
  • Add text locked to GTOLs around them in certain areas.
  • Offset notes from axis or point locations.

Wildfire 4.0 3D drawings:

  • Flat to screen annotation plane. Good for a 3D title block or notes.
  • Driving dimension annotation features.
  • Can change annotation orientation planes and set default active plane.
  • Improved transfer of annotations from Pro/E to Productview.

Wildfire 5.0 2D drawings:

  • New ribbon user interface. RMB pop up menu choices context sensative to which ribbon you are in.
  • Drawing sheet tabs along the screen botton like Excel.
  • A new drawing tree tool similar in function to a model tree, but for views and items in a drawing.
  • Round decimal places on a shown dimension in a drawing without rounding the model dimension and affecting accuracy of model.
  • Center leader dimensions.
  • WYSIWTG Print preview functionalty.

Wildfire 5.0 3D drawings:

  • Nammed layer states. Use for 3D drawings combined views.
  • New datum target annotation type.
  • Tabs for 3D drawings listing combined view, like Excel page tabs along bottom.
  • Weld symbols as 3D annotations.
  • Can annotate on cross section edges without any work arounds.


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